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The next General Meeting of NCRR will be held the First Saturday of the month at 10:30 at the JACCC.

Tales of Clamor
Feb 1- March 3, Friday - Monday
Aratani Black Box, JACCC

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Historical Video Archives
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• NCRR publishes Four decades of NCRR

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NCRR is opposed to any legislation that abrogates any person of their rights as guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution. These rights have been violated at Guantanamo Bay and continue today.

Read more:
• Infowars: Obama’s Signing Statement on
I have the power to detain Americans… but I won’t NDAA:
Manzanar Committee: National Defense Authorization Act: Nikkei Community Must Redouble Efforts To Defend Constitutional Rights

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes any future president to order the military to pick up individuals far from any battlefield and imprison them without charge or trial. As a result, the NDAA violates the Constitution, our international law obligations, and our nation's commitment to the rule of law.

-- No president should be given the power to send our military around the globe, to places where there is no armed conflict, and imprison civilians based on suspicion alone (no matter how much we trust any president, this power is too great).
-- The United States itself should be off-limits to military authority to imprison civilians without charge or trial.
-- No president should ever be REQUIRED to put civilians into military custody without charge or trial.

Sample letters to use to send to Congressmen: Letter 1 | Letter 2

Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress reflects upon historic grassroots movement
Members and friends of the Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress (NCRR) celebrated the activist organization's achievements, especially its victorious campaign for redress, during its 30th anniversary party on Sept. 25 in Little Tokyo. The 45 celebrants at the Teramachi condominium complex were treated to a potluck lunch, viewed a video about NCRR's activities, toasted the anniversary with Champagne and heard several individuals speak of their experiences as part of the civil rights organization. Read more...

This section of NCRR's website presents selected events in NCRR's history through photos, news articles and commentary.

The Day of Remembrance Archives is NOW online.

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Photo by Glen Kitayama
NCRR's Historical Lobbying Trip for Redress, Washington DC, 1987.

NCRR Reader
A history on the formation of the NCRR and it’s struggle for redress
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Ehren Watada: Free at Last

Three military courts rejected Watada's double jeopardy claim; but as soon as the case was appealed to a civilian court, US District Court Judge Benjamin Settle issued a stay blocking the retrial and charging that "the military judge likely abused his discretion."

The Army announced it would appeal but then did nothing for eighteen months, leaving Watada in limbo. Finally, after a campaign by Watada's supporters, the Obama administration's Department of Justice nixed the Army's appeal. The Army threatened to court martial Watada on other charges but finally decided to accept defeat.

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1000 rally for Lt. Watada at Ft. Lewis during the court martial.
See more photos here.

The Parents of Ehren Watada
Welcomed in Little Tokyo

By Gwen Muranaka of the Rafu Shimpo

Bob Watada visited Little Tokyo on Saturday, October 7th, to raise support and funds for his son, 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, who is facing a court martial for refusing to deploy with his unit to Iraq.

The event at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center was a welcome reception for Watada and his wife, Rosa Sakanishi sponsored by Asian American Vietnam Veterans Organization and Nikkei for Civil Rights & more

Related articles:
When a Wrong is Committed
Support for Ehren Watada
Letter to the Editor/ Vox Populi by Jim Saito 9/15/06
Parents of Lt. Ehren Watada To Tour Southland In October | Click here for the schedule
Statement by Frank Emi - October 7, 2006 - Watada Reception
"If a soldier voluntarily lays down his arms..."
Miscellaneous Watada Tour photos

NCRR and Visual Communications premiered
Stand Up for Justice at Day of Remembrance 2004

As a prelude to the February 21, 2004 Los Angeles Day of Remembrance, members of the Ralph Lazo family and several old friends of Ralph gathered together at a luncheon sponsored by the Nikkei for Civil Rights & Redress (NCRR) Education Committee and Visual Communications, co-producers of Stand Up for Justice: the Ralph Lazo Story. Read the full story here.

NEW: Download the Stand Up For Justice Curriculum Guide

1. Appendix (PDF)
2. Cards (PDF)
3. Guide (PDF)

Past Screenings of "Stand Up For Justice"
- Click here

The Viewers Companion is now available for the Speak Out For Justice collection of testimonials on the hearings of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) held in Los Angeles on August 4-6, 1981. The record consists of thirteen videotapes, holding twenty-five hours of dramatic testimony given by 153 witnesses.

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Current News

• NCRR Celebrates Bonenkai

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• Joint statement on Trump's
"Zero Tolerance" by JA orgs.

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• March 2018
NCRR holds class in
San Diego UC

Kathy, Traci and Kay join Professor Simeon Man and
partner, Rudy, at lunch after speaking to Simeon's
Asian American Studies class about the Asian
American movement, redress and solidarity work
today. The class of about 150 students saw Steve
Nagano's 8 minute video on the Commission Hearings
and were led in a haiku writing exercise by traci.


The 2018
was held February 17.

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See Rafu article of event

NCRR Celebrates 2018
New Year!

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CWRIC Testimonies Revisited
on Dec. 2 in Little Tokyo

Landmark CWRIC Hearings Reissued by Nikkei for
Civil Rights Redress and Visual Communications
videoscreening was held at the Tateuchi Democracy
Forum at JANM.

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Press Release

See Photos of Speakers

"An update on the PULL
project (Tales of Clamor)
with Traci Kato Kiriyama and
Kennedy Kabasares
in collaboration with NCRR."

"Tales of Clamor" is a theatrical case-study that
examines the sound of silence, the echoes of a
little-known yet major moment of American
history, and its universal reverberations in t
oday’s landscape.
“Tales of Clamor” utilizes aerial apparatuses,
scenes based in the present and past, and rarely
seen video footage from the 1981 CWRIC Hearings
(Commission of Wartime Relocation and
Internment of Civilians).

Its political texture calls on us to recognize the

need for solidarity and the power of a community
breaking silence in order to create change.

In its emotional core, this show is about people
showing up for each other at a critical moment of
individual and collective need.

The narrative anchor of this show is the duo of traci
and Kennedy- who together explore concepts including
the science of sound, the Model Minority Myth, and,
at the center, the cathartic experience of
Commission Hearings that led to Redress in the 1980s
and creation of
lifelong, intergenerational activists.

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A statement by NCRR and
NP on Charlottesville...

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A Hiroshima-Nagasaki
Commemoration occured on
Aug 5
in Little Tokyo at the
Frances Hashimoto Public

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"A Bridging Communities
fundraising Iftar was held on
June 15th at the JACCC. The
event was sold out with about
150 attending. The hosts were
Vigilantlove, NCRR, MSA West,
C.A.I.R., and JACL-PSW.....

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•Update on Comfort Women
Statue - 3/7/2017

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DOR 2017 was held on
February 18 at JANM

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December 7th Vigil
NCRR Expresses Solidarity

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statement and photos of the event

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I am America-
November 23 Vigil

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Retirement Dinner for
Shakeel Syed

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Breaking the Fast

NCRR organizes a vigil
after the Orlando

Click here for an enlarged photo

Alan Nishio receives
Kunsho f rom the
Japanese government.

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Day of Remembrance,
2016 was held at JANM on
Saturday, February 20th

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See photos of DOR 2016

See the Rafu Shimpo article
on DOR

• NCRR Welcomes the
New Year.
2016 is the Year of the

See the 2016 photos !

See the 2015 photos !

• "Settlement"
on Comfort Women

Statement by the
Nikkei for Civil Rights
& Redress 

• Compassion-
Not Islamophobia

Statement by NCRR

After several thousand people were killed in the
attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, over 300
Japanese Americans gathered in Little Tokyo for a
candlelight vigil to show our support to the victims
and families of the 9/11 attacks.  Today, we again
express our outrage and sympathy to the people of
Paris, and now San Bernardino as well as
so many others victimized by individuals acting out
of hate and intolerance.  We also want to reach out
to the American Muslim, South Asian and Arab
American communities who are being blamed
for these attacks just as they were after 9/11 when
they immediately faced racial profiling and physical

Read more of this press release

Read Rafu Shimpo article

• NCRR to Collaborate on
New Project


NCRR is collaborating with traci kato kiriyama and
Kennedy Kabasares  on a new project.  They want
to highlight the voices of former incarcerees
who spoke at the 1981 Commission on Wartime
elocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC)
hearings held here in Los Angeles.  The project will
experiment with unique presentations of these
testimonies in partnershipwith NCRR and in
collaboration with various artists/experts in video
arts, sound, stage and aerial arts

Below is a link to our participation goals for the project
which may take up
to 2 years to complete.

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goals letter

DOR 2015

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• Notes from the
"Power of Commission

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NCRR spokesperson,
Kathy Masaoka, presents
NCRR statement at the
Korean Women's International Conference

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• JAHSSC Goes Out with a
"Bang" for the Community!

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Mervyn Dymally Bust

See article, Click here

Day of Remembrance 2014

Generations Speak Out !

See summary, Click here

Program and Photos, Click here


Purification Ceremony at
the Tuna Canyon
Detetention Center

Read the article, Click here

See a short video on the ceremony,Click here

NCRR Commemorates
the 25th Anniversary of
the CLA 1988

with a screening in Little Tokyo,
August 10th, 2013.

More, Click here

See a short video, Click here


Comfort Women Monument
Unveiled in Glendale,
July 30th

Read the NCRR statement, Click here

Read the Rafu Shimpo article, Click here.

See the NBC Channel 4 viseo coverage, Click here


NCRR Presents a panel on 
"The Power of The Commission
Hearings: First Person Voices
of Japanese American
Incarceration"at the Japanese
American National Museum's
4th National Conference

Read More... Click here

Tuna Canyon Detention

City Council Unanimously
Declares Grove at Tuna
Canyon Site a

More Info, lick here.

Preservation at Tuna Canyon,
Verdugo Hills Golf course deal
reached at City Council Meeting
on June 21st.

Compromise will preserve grove of oaks at site of Tuna
Canyon detention facility.

More info, Click here.

Video, Click here

See a video of an introduction on TCDS, Click here

DOR 2013


25th Anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act
“Our Struggle, Our Perseverance, Our Commitment”

The 2013 Day of Remembrance took place on
February 16
from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the Japanese American
National Museum in Little Tokyo. The theme of this year’s
commemoration is
“The 25th Anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988:
Our Struggle, Our Perseverance, Our Commitment”.

A PDF postcard- Click here

2013 DOR 25th Anniversary Program-
Click here

2103 DOR Program on You Tube-
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2013 DOR Photos- Click here

2013 DOR interactive slideshow


Satomi goes to
Washington DC

As part of the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts United
States of America (GSUSA), Satomi Honjiyo and seven
other Girl Scouts from across the nation were invited to
meet President Obama in the Oval Office on June 8, 2012.
All eight scouts were Gold Awardrecipients, the highest
achievement and awarded to only 5% of all
eligible scouts. Satomi is the daughter of Amy Utsunomiya
Honjiyoand Reid Honjiyo of Monterey Park, California.


NCRR Remembers
Two Heroes



NCRR Book Project:
In the works



Education Committee
Stays Busy in 2012

2012 Education Committee activities began on a
high note on January 20 with a Phoenix, Arizona
screening of Stand Up for Justice, the Ralph Lazo Story. 


Honored at the
Islamic Center

Robin Toma (2nd from left), Executive Director of the
Los Angeles County Relations Commission; Rinban
Noriyuki Ito (far left) of Higashi Hongwanji Temple and
JACL were honored in September  for their advocacy
work for the Muslim/Arab-Americans and South Asian
communities.  The Muslim Public Affairs Council honored
the group at the Islamic Center of Southern California
in Los Angeles.

Their victory is our

In March 1945 five Mexican American families sued for
school districts in Westminster, Orange County, California,
on behalf of an entire community whose children were
required to attend segregated "Mexican schools." Their
class action lawsuit became known as Mendez et al. v.
Westminster School District el al. After two years of
fighting, the families won their case. At the time, this
was the most important legal victory in the fight against
segregation the nation had ever known.


DOR 2012

The connection between past and present constitutional
issues was emphasized at the annual Day of Remembrance
program in Little Tokyo.
"70 Years After Executive Order 9066:
Defending Our Civil Liberties"


Kathy Masaoka, a co-chair
of NCRR, was awarded
the Dan B. Genung
Visionary Leadership
from All Peoples
Community Center on
October 6th, 2011.

Kathy credits growing up in multi-ethnic Boyle Heights
with helping her develop an appreciation for people
from diverse backgrounds. As a minority student at a
predominantly white high school, Kathy explored
questions of race, culture and identity at an early age.
Enrolling in some of the first Asian American Studies
classes taught at UC Berkley in the late 1960s, she was
determined to find answers to her questions.


NCRR Condemns Lowe's
Home Improvement

retraction of its
advertising on the TLC’s program called
All-American Muslim


UC Irvine 11- delivered at the
Santa Ana courthouse press
conference on Monday,
September 19, 2011 victims

During World War II, 120,000 Japanese Americans were
incarcerated in camps simply for being Japanese American
and looking like the enemy who had bombed Pearl Harbor
so we understand how it feels to be targeted. We had
committed no wrong and there was no trial - our
constitutional right to due process was denied.


A friend of NCRR has been
collecting for Japan's March 11th, Tsunami victims.

Dear all,
Sorry for the long silence. I'm getting better and I think
I got about 80% of myself out of depression, but I'm}
still taking a mountain of medicine every night. Doesn't
sound good, does it? But hey, with all of your support,
I AM getting better. Brian Kito came to Japan about two
weeks ago and went to Sendai and Ishinomaki and was
stunned to see what's out there.


All about Kizuna-
Uniting Nikkei fir the Future

Kizuna is the newest nonprofit organization on the block
dedicated to building a much needed space for the
next generation within our community. Kizuna is an
organization that will allow a new generation of
community activists to vision and implement a future
for our community.

Learn more...

L.A. Times: U.S.Official cites
deceit in WWII internments...

Read the full story.

A screening of Stand up
for Justice
was held at the East
Los Angeles Library on May 24th attended by 200 plus viewers.

See photos

DOR 2011:
Ten Years After 9/11

The main reception hall at the
Japanese American Museum in
Little Tokyo was filled to capacity
with participants and visitors
for DOR 2011


Thank you from Ehren Watada

2011 NCRR Shinnenkai Photos
Click here to see photos


Download the
Stand Up For Justice
Curriculum Guide

1. Guide (PDF)
2. Cards (PDF)
3. Appendix (PDF)

If you want to purchase a copy of the commercial
Stand Up for Justice DVD, order at


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